Mad Control Aria

Mad Control Aria

Mad Control Aria Company was established in 2019 with the efforts and cooperation of several engineers and experts with experience in the fields of electricity, control, industrial automation, telemetry and remote control systems, with the aim of providing technical and engineering services to oil companies. Gas, petrochemical and various industries such as cement and automotive industry, etc., was determined to serve the people and today we see a successful past and a promising tomorrow for this complex. Mad Control Aria Company to complete and repair the body of its complex Has hired locally trained labor in the position of management and expertise.

Mad Control Aria Services

Mad Control Aria Company With the aim of developing and increasing the application of technology and control science in various industries, as well as relying on the technical ability of its engineers, Mad Control Aria Company is ready to provide services in the following fields:

 - Design and implementation of control system and instrumentation in industrial projects including oil, gas, petrochemical, agriculture, copper, water and wastewater, industrial machinery

 - Programming of various PLCs including Siemens (SIEMSNE), Alan Bradley (ALLEN-BRADLEY), Mitsubishi (MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC), FATEK, OMRON, DELTA

 - Design and implementation of PLC-based control panels - Preparation of control engineering documents and instrumentation of industrial projects - Providing solutions to optimize energy consumption and ease of processes in oil and gas, petrochemical, copper, agriculture and .....

 - Design of PLC-based automation systems for various processes in small and large industries

PLC Catalog Download

The Mad Control Aria team guides you by collecting all the catalogs of your big brands so that you can make the best choice and add to your information in this field. You can see the complete and most up-to-date archive on this page.

Mad Control Aria

Mad Control Aria strives to raise the level of industry and achieve a better and more effective position in the field of global industry in line with current world standards.

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