About Mad Control Aria

Mad Control Aria Company was established in 2019 with the efforts and cooperation of several engineers and experts with experience in the fields of electricity, control, industrial automation, telemetry and remote control systems, with the aim of providing technical and engineering services to oil companies. , Gas, petrochemical and various industries such as cement and automobile industry, etc., was determined to serve the people and today we are witnessing a successful past and a promising tomorrow for this complex. Mad Aria Control Company to complete and repair the body of its complex It has hired locally trained labor in the position of management and expertise, and with the same supportive approach of domestic forces, it has succeeded in implementing admirable projects with the interaction of large foreign companies, and in its executives has always put the latest technology on its agenda. Is. Together, these two factors have given them unparalleled potential in controlling various industries, to the extent that it now has more than a decade of efforts by reliable customers throughout Iran.

درباره ماد کنترل آریا

Objectives and policy of Mad Control Aria

This group has always enjoyed the development of software and hardware infrastructure and the observance of professional principles by experts, and with this policy, it has been able to gain credibility for its name in the country. Mad Control Aria Company has always tried to be able to move in line with the most up-to-date knowledge in providing specialized services, and this can be seen in the success of the company.

Vision of Mad Control Aria

Mad Control Aria Company strives to raise the level of industry and achieve a better and more effective position in the global industry in line with current world standards to have a strong and unbreakable relationship based on truth and fairness with its customers, contractors and suppliers. It is this connection that will lead to trust in Mad Control Aria Company.

Aria Media Control Services

Mad Control Aria Company has put a new method on the agenda to provide its services, which results in the best use of the company's human resources and available facilities. These services are sometimes in the form of consulting, sometimes in the form of implementation and sometimes in the form of management.
What makes the service of Mad Control Aria Medium more glorious is the use of young people with high level knowledge along with experienced and experienced experts, which ultimately leads to the manifestation of Mad Control Aria Control Medium knowledge in internal strategies.

PLC اتوماسیون صنعتی

اتوماسیون صنعتی یا روباتیزه کردن (Industrial Automation) به معنی استفاده از ابزارهای کنترلی (مثلاً کامپیوتر) به جای انسان به منظور هدایت و کنترل ماشین آلات صنعتی و پروسه‌های تولید است. اتوماسیون به بهره‌گیری از سامانه‌های کنترل (مثل کنترل عددی، کنترل منطقی قابل برنامه ریزی، و دیگر سیستم‌های کنترل صنعتی)، مکانیکی و الکترونیکی به کمک رایانه ها برای پایش (کنترل) خط تولید گفته می‌شود، که در آن هدف، کاهش نیاز به دخالت انسان است.

PLC اتوماسیون ساختمانی

انعطاف پذیری و مقرون به صرفه بودن تجهیزات و سیستم های نصب شده در ساختمان های تجاری عامل کلیدی مهمی است. سیستم های مدیریت هوشمند ساختمان با تکنولوژی KNX پاسخی مناسب به این نیاز است. تصور کنید در اتاق کنفرانس با لمس یک کلید می توانید یک سری عملکردهای مختلف و جداگانه را برای آماده سازی فضای اتاق جهت ارائه سمینار، فعال و اجرا نمایید.

Mad Control Aria

Mad Control Aria strives to raise the level of industry and achieve a better and more effective position in the field of global industry in line with current world standards.

Address: No50, Ipcheelor Alley, Pastor Sq, Tehran, Iran
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